Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Upgrading to 1.1.0

So you've got your ds-x but it still has the older firmware and you want some new pretty skins or just want to get rid of some of the bugs, that's fine. I'll try my best to explain the steps here, should be pretty simple. And if you're unsure which firmware you're running; put your ds-x into the DS, load er up, when the option comes up to choose apps or music, pick the last one on the right with the question mark.

So the first thing you wanna do is back everything up. If you just pulled it out of the box and there isn't anything on it, well, no need to backup. Everything will be deleted once you do this, so do it now. Basically just drag everything off your ds-x and move it into a folder on your desktop.

Now that you've got everything backed up, let's format it. The easiest way is to find the ds-x in windows explorer, right-click and choose format. You will want to use the pulldown menu and select FAT(FAT16) and then click start. Some people suggest using a program called swissknife, you can find more information on their site, here.

Now that it's formatted, we're going to update the firmware. You can download the updated from this link here or visit and find it there. So download the updater, make sure your ds-x is plugged in and run the .exe file for the updater. It will check your firmware and check to see what the newest firmware is from the ds-x team. Once it's done checking, hit "Update Device" and you're off. It will go through a few things and finally say you're done and up to date and then tell you the changes. Close the updater, eject your ds-x and then reconnect it.

Now you have a fresh updated ds-x. First thing you wanna do is format it again. Better safe than sorry here folks!

Now you need to put the skin files and everything else onto the ds-x. You can download that here or visit the news site as mentioned earlier. Everything will be in a zip folder, so download them and put everything into the root of your ds-x.

Now if you've made it this far without any issues, good! If not, do them again! If you backed up your ds-x with your roms and saves, put them back on now and then safely eject your ds-x and you should be good to go.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Trashing files with a Mac...

A few people have reported troubles taking files off the ds-x once they're done with them. Dragging them to the trash wouldn't work and would still be taking up the space. A few ideas were mentioned, but one idea posted seems to be the easiest.

If you Hold down Command (thats the Apple key) while dragging your .nds files to the Trash, you will Move it to the Trash bin and it will be gone from your DS-X.

You can find more on the topic here: ds-x thread

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quick User Manual

This is the quick user manual posted in the ds-x forums. Something to read once you get your ds-x, a more in depth manual should be posted soon. Was originally posted by DS-X Guru.

How-to Copy Files to the DS-Xtreme
Plug the supplied USB Cable in your PC/Mac’s USB Port and into the DS-Xtreme. Your machine will recognize it as mass storage device to which you then copy your favorite un-patched “.nds” Application, “.mp3” or “.ogg” Music Files.

After you have finished with the file transferring, it is recommended you prepare the cart for removal by doing the following:

1. "Safely Remove Hardware" in Windows.
2. "Eject Drive" in OSX (Mac).
3. "Unmount Drive" in Linux.

You can use the Touch Screen within the DS-Xtreme’s dedicated Operating System.

- Tapping
A Simple tap on one of the 4 main categories (Apps, Music, Settings, About) will open the touched Section. Once in one of these Sections you will always be presented with an arrow on the top right of your touch screen to go back to the previous Section/Menu.

- Double-tapping
With a double tap on an item you “confirm” your selection (works within Applications, Music Player). Toggles as Instant Boot or Dancing LED’s will only require you to touch their switch once to turn them either on or off.

- Tap & Hold
Sometimes you can touch & hold (the touch) on an item (such as the Music player’s “all songs” selection, or the Application in Apps) to bring up a popup menu which allows you to queue a song, play all songs, launch the chosen item or cancel the Touch & Hold action respectively.

- Digital Pad & Buttons
You can use the Digital control Pad to move in all four directions (left, right, up, down) that are available. The “A” Button is used as Confirmation while the “B” Button is used to cancel your actions or exit from a Section.

Settings – Instant Boot:
Instant boot allows you to prevent the Operating System from launching. It will start the last run “.nds” file immediately at boot-up. If you wish to return to the Operating System hold down the “A” Button after selecting to launch the DS-Xtreme within the NintendoDS Firmware, or if you enabled “auto boot” on your NintendoDS Firmware, hold “A” after the health warning.

Settings – Dancing LED’s:
Once enabled, the DS-Xtreme’s LED’s will start changing color and brightness while you are listening to your songs within the Music Player.

Settings – LED Colors:
You can change the LED Color based on the 3 base colors (Red, Green, Blue) and their intensity. The intensity per color ranges from “0” which equals “off” to “255” which equals super bright.

Where to Buy?

So you wanna get yourself a DS-X, but you're not quite sure where to get one. Especially with the limited supply issues in late 2006, pre-ordering has been the norm for most people. Listed below are the current (as of 12.20.06) authorized resellers. There has been many threads posted on the ds-x forums about each of these resellers. Please take some time to take a look through the threads and see which one suits your needs and maybe even post to ask some questions before ordering. Be sure to look to the end of the threads as some of these were started in mid 2006 and have hundreds of posts. Another good place to check is ResellerRatings.

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What is this site?

So this is possibly the first post among many. Not sure where this will go or if it will go anywhere at all. I'm just excited about the ds-x and what it's capable of. What you're going to find here is the answers to the simple questions and maybe learn something new to do with your ds-x. Please feel free to comment on any of the articles posted here and check back often if you can't seem to get something working or you're having really good luck with something. Please also get in touch if you're working on something and would like to see it here or you've found something interesting and want to know if it will actually work with the ds-x.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Here is a link to the FAQ on the ds-x forums, as well as a list of some of the more common ones not listed there...

  • DS-X Forums - FAQ in many languages.

    Mac Specific Issues.
  • Trashing files with a Mac.

  • Upgrading/Updating/Formatting.
  • Updating to 1.1.0