Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quick User Manual

This is the quick user manual posted in the ds-x forums. Something to read once you get your ds-x, a more in depth manual should be posted soon. Was originally posted by DS-X Guru.

How-to Copy Files to the DS-Xtreme
Plug the supplied USB Cable in your PC/Mac’s USB Port and into the DS-Xtreme. Your machine will recognize it as mass storage device to which you then copy your favorite un-patched “.nds” Application, “.mp3” or “.ogg” Music Files.

After you have finished with the file transferring, it is recommended you prepare the cart for removal by doing the following:

1. "Safely Remove Hardware" in Windows.
2. "Eject Drive" in OSX (Mac).
3. "Unmount Drive" in Linux.

You can use the Touch Screen within the DS-Xtreme’s dedicated Operating System.

- Tapping
A Simple tap on one of the 4 main categories (Apps, Music, Settings, About) will open the touched Section. Once in one of these Sections you will always be presented with an arrow on the top right of your touch screen to go back to the previous Section/Menu.

- Double-tapping
With a double tap on an item you “confirm” your selection (works within Applications, Music Player). Toggles as Instant Boot or Dancing LED’s will only require you to touch their switch once to turn them either on or off.

- Tap & Hold
Sometimes you can touch & hold (the touch) on an item (such as the Music player’s “all songs” selection, or the Application in Apps) to bring up a popup menu which allows you to queue a song, play all songs, launch the chosen item or cancel the Touch & Hold action respectively.

- Digital Pad & Buttons
You can use the Digital control Pad to move in all four directions (left, right, up, down) that are available. The “A” Button is used as Confirmation while the “B” Button is used to cancel your actions or exit from a Section.

Settings – Instant Boot:
Instant boot allows you to prevent the Operating System from launching. It will start the last run “.nds” file immediately at boot-up. If you wish to return to the Operating System hold down the “A” Button after selecting to launch the DS-Xtreme within the NintendoDS Firmware, or if you enabled “auto boot” on your NintendoDS Firmware, hold “A” after the health warning.

Settings – Dancing LED’s:
Once enabled, the DS-Xtreme’s LED’s will start changing color and brightness while you are listening to your songs within the Music Player.

Settings – LED Colors:
You can change the LED Color based on the 3 base colors (Red, Green, Blue) and their intensity. The intensity per color ranges from “0” which equals “off” to “255” which equals super bright.

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