Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Where to Buy?

So you wanna get yourself a DS-X, but you're not quite sure where to get one. Especially with the limited supply issues in late 2006, pre-ordering has been the norm for most people. Listed below are the current (as of 12.20.06) authorized resellers. There has been many threads posted on the ds-x forums about each of these resellers. Please take some time to take a look through the threads and see which one suits your needs and maybe even post to ask some questions before ordering. Be sure to look to the end of the threads as some of these were started in mid 2006 and have hundreds of posts. Another good place to check is ResellerRatings.

Modchipman / ds-x thread
Modchipstore / ds-x thread
Foundmy / ds-x thread
RealHotStuff / no active threads

Consolesource / ds-x thread
Divineo / ds-x thread
Kicktrading / ds-x thread
GamerSection / ds-x thread

Europe: (Spain) / no active threads
Modchip-store (UK) / ds-x thread (IT) / ds-x thread (EU) / ds-x thread (DE) / no active threads
Metashop-fr (FR) / no active threads
Chollodigital (ES) / no active threads (SE) / no active threads
Shop.01media (SE) / ds-x thread
Magichip (FR) / no active threads
Gameland-Shop (FR) /
no active threads (FR) /
no active threads

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